Permanent Makeup

   Times are all approximate , cost can vary

I have Many pictures available at the salon, of my work!

 Consultation -

$50.00 (15-30 min) A consultation is usually done with local clients, can be done with your appointment.  This time allows you to meet me and see my work.  We talk about color selections, shape, the procedure, and fill out all necessary paper work.  The cost of the consultation is applied toward you procedure!  If you are traveling in we will do your consult before your appointment.
Hair Line Eye Brows-
With your help we will select colors and shape, I believe it is very important that your are involved, after all you will be wearing them on your face!

 $250.00 (1 hour if paper work and consult are done before app.) Your new permanent eyebrows are created by using your brow bone as a guide line. Eyebrows are formed using a feathering technique. Fine lines simulate individual hairs in the brow. I usually use 2-3 colors for a 3d Brow affect. I used a micro needle, I believe it is a softer, more natural healed look than micro blading. A combination of custom-blended shades gives your permanent eyebrows a natural appearance.  This procedure is done one hair at a time(Hair Stroke Brows) and may need at least one  touch-up which is $50.  Price includes both eyebrows.


Permanent eyeliner is a safe way to always look like you had the time to put on your make-up. Varied thicknesses and effects are offered.  This procedure is your basic liner on top of lashes and color through the lashes giving your lashes a beautiful fullness!  Varied thicknesses and eye accents are offered which will increase your price.  A follow up with liner maybe needed.  Top of both eyes from the outside corner to just near the tear duct.
  Wet Line/ Mucosal $200
  This procedure is the tattooing  of the bottom inner line towards the lash line(not under the lash line). Colors can accent your eye color or can be black like your liner.  Having the wet line with color is a great accent to the eyes appearance! (1 1/2 hours)


  Top Lash enhancement only- $150 (1 1/2 hours)

This is tattooing through the lashes only (top mucosal).  There is not line above the lashes just in them.  This will give your lashes a fuller look and is very natural looking! Before, right after enhancement 



Top Liner with enhancement-$175.00 -  ( 1 1/2 hours)

 Full liner- top and bottom both eyes- $250 (2 hours)
Price is with a basic line on top and bottom of both eyes.  
$25 will be added if top line is extra thick

  Bottom Liner only - $115 (1  Hour)

This is your basic line only on the bottom under the lashes
Full liner -WITH-wet line/mucosal on bottom-$450 ( 2 1/2 hours)
Price is with a basic line top and bottom of both eyes and wet line on bottom.  Price will increase ($25 plus) depending on thickness and accents with liner.
This is best done in 2 appointments!