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Permanent Makeup - All Services

Consultation - $50.00 (30 minutes to 1 Hour)

A consultation allows us to meet, you to see pictures of my work and fill out paper work prior to your procedure. The price is applied towards your procedure. Read More...

Correction - $150 (starts at) (Varies)

Our technician can lighten and some times remove and correct exsiting permanent make-up that you are unhappy with. Read More...

Eyebrows - $275.00 (About 2 hours)

Creating beautiful permanent eyebrows that define your face and "lift" the eyes. Read More...

Eyeliner - $250.00 (About 2 hours)

Permanent eyeliner is perfect for a woman who is allergic to traditional make-up, are contact lens wearers, are vision impaired or just need to stop the time and expense of traditional eyeliner. Read More...

Lips - $150.00 - 350.00 (3 hours)

Enhance your lip color or get your color back! Read More...

Wet Line / Mucosal - $200.00 (less than 2 hours)

The wet line is the inner part of the lower eye lid on top of the lashes instead of under the lashes. Read More...